Why Do We Love God?

The usual answer is something along the line of “because He loves me” or “because He saved me”. That is what the Spirit said in Jno 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. If I may suggest there are other, perhaps deeper, richer answers to why we love God.

We love God because He is good!

Everyone delights in knowing a good person. A good person puts a smile on your  face when you see them. Jesus said God was good in Mt 19:17. In addition, God’s goodness is abundant (Ex 34:6), great (Psa 31:19),   enduring (Psa 52:1), and satisfying (Psa 65:4). This is evident in our material and spiritual blessings.

We love God because He is holy!

Everyone appreciates a truly virtuous  person. One that does not speak evil. One that does not applaud sin. One that exudes purity. That is God. All His thoughts, plans, works are all pure and good! There is nothing but holiness in all He does (Rev 15:4).

We love God because He is perfect!

Everyone appreciates perfection. Once again we can see it in our bodies, our minds, our souls. Just examine creation all around us and we can see the perfection in it’s beauty, it’s completeness, it’s wonder, it’s colors. There is a perfect order in how things operate. The laws of nature are made just so. Two examples: 1) Our body temperature can’t vary but a few degrees either way and we suffer and 2) consider our blood pressure. It too cannot deviate much or our lives are in danger. Our God is perfect (Psa 25:8;  92:15)!

We love God because He is impartial in His judgments!

Who does not appreciate an impartial judge? While it is true that we want what is fair and just we also desire mercy and understanding. One example: If we violate any law of the land, what is it we want? Justice or mercy? In addition, God sees and knows all, therefore when judgment comes He will be the perfect judge (1 Pet 1:17)

We love God because He is trustworthy! What a blessing it is to have someone to talk to about anything. Consider for a moment how often we have talked with Him, telling Him our deepest, darkest secrets, the thing we are ashamed of most in our lives,  something we would never mention to  anyone else, but He keeps these things and never tells anyone. When we talk with Him about our deepest desires we can rest confident that He will answer. The answer may be yes, no, or wait for now, but we can trust Him to hear and answer. That is exactly what God says (Josh 1:9; Jeb 13:5-6)

We love God because He loves truth!

I know of none that likes lies, even the smallest ones. We appreciate the one who always tells us the truth. God hates lies! Isn’t that something we all want, truth? We tell our children, “Tell me the truth!” and sometimes we get it! God always tells us the truth! It is not always easy to take but we can depend upon it! Whatever He says and does we can take to the bank (Psa 117:2)!

We love God because He hates sin!

We do not, as a people, like sin, evil! We do not like to see or hear about lies, adultery, murder, etc. We want to hear the good of people. We do not like the filthiness that comes from sin. God is the same way (Psa 5:5-6).

We love God because He defends the  hopeless!

Some of the most heartwarming stories come from someone helping the downtrodden, the defenseless, whether it is a child or an animal. How many Old Testament stories concern God helping those who were in a hopeless condition? How often did He save His people? How often did His plan work out even when His people did not act so nice? That is exactly what He did with a defenseless David  (Psa 59:1).

We love God because He is a jealous God! Husbands and wives, boy and girl friends know and understand this. A little jealousy now and then can show a possessiveness and a concern for someone special. That is the way God has always acted. He cares about each of us so much that He does not want us to look for other gods (Ex 34:14).

We love God because He is personal!

Who does not want a true-blue, personal friend? A friend who is with you through thick and thin. One who is always there even if we are not always feeling the best? God is not someone that just sits in clouds and lets time pass by. He is intimately interested in us; what we think, where we are and what we do. He is your personal God (Phil 4:6-7)!

We love God because He grieves!

Have you ever been depressed? Have you ever thought about just quitting? Have you ever thought you were all alone and there was no one else there? God grieves for each of us,  individually. He hurts with us. He wants to carry our grief (1 Pet 5:7).

We love God because He has sworn an oath to us!

When we were children do you remember the “pinky” or the “cross your heart” swear? Its was so comforting that we would have a friend forever! It was a happy time of life that  sometimes continues to adulthood. Think about that for a moment. Here is One that whether I am 8 or 80, he is still there! God has said He would “never leave us nor forsake us” (Heb 13:5).

We love God because He knows everything!

Remember looking up to an adult, perhaps a mother, father or grandparent and knowing that if you asked them they knew the   answer to your questions? What a great feeling to know that there was no question too hard for them. There is nothing we can stump Him with. There is no issue He has not considered and knows all there is to know about it. What a marvelous storehouse to wander in. God is that way (Rev 19:6, 1 Jno 3:20).

 I am sure I have left some things out but these are sufficient to make my point. If you have not seen what I have been trying to say permit me to say it this way. We seem to spend a lot of time loving God for what He has done for us and that is of course correct, He saved us, He has promised Heaven, He gave us his So for our sins. All of this is correct and true but perhaps we should love God for WHO HE IS and NOT so much for what He has done for us!

Why do you love, truly love someone?  Is it because of what they give or do for you or who they are?